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WELCOME AT nerbe plus!

Nerbe plus GmbH was incorporated in 1976 by Jürgen F. Nerbe. Initially located in a suburb of Hamburg, this independent family business rapdly outgrey that facility and in 1992, moved to its present home in Winsen (Luhe) where it remains today.

Utilizing its own an injection molding machine capabilities, the company initially targetted the plasticware consumables market in microbiology and the clinical laboratories. More recently, the next generation of the Nerbe family has changed the product focus to the rapidly growing sectors of liquid and sample handling, within life sciences, worldwide.

Affilated to nerbe plus GmbH, the company Dr. Fritz Nerbe Entwicklungsgesellschaft, is a source of ideas from its daily work practices. Many of these ideas end up as innovative products for nerbe plus to market and distribute. However, until these projects become marketable products, their development and manufacture is managed by Dr. Fritz Nerbe Entwicklungsgesellschaft.



Today, still focusing on injection molded products, nerbe plus uses only market-leading presses, precision moulds and the finest raw materials, all of which are of German and Swiss origin.


Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production processes can only be achieved by using state-of-the art technology and machines. 90 percent of all nerbe plus' injection molding machines are made-in-Germany and are housed in special clean rooms (clean room classes according to ISO 14644-1).

The nerbe plus team firmly believe that such manufacturing principles are the only way to guarantee the precision and cleanliness of products intended for use in the highly specialized world of laboratories. The company's quality management systems conform to DIN EN ISO 13485 and so ensure the required standards and also contributes to the reproducibility are provided for all laboratory applications.

As a manufacturer of products for life-science laboratories, nerbe plus has one of the leanest, most efficient and most flexible company structures. Economiy-driven production principles has provided pricing that allows cost containment over many years as well as protecting the environment.

Of course, these advantages are passed on to its customers. As a result, our employees' job security in Germany is assured and new employment opportunities are being constantly created.

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