nerbe plus standard products already meet your high requirements. These products can be found in our new np PERFORMANCE LINE. The items of our np PERFORMANCE LINE has been specially designed to meet even your most demanding requirements.
In our np PERFORMANCE LINE you will find selected products that meet your high requirements in terms of quality and purity. Our PCR products of the np PERFORMANCE LINE form a uniform collection. The products of the np PERFORMANCE LINE are compatible with each other and are the basis for fault-free operation. Manufactured in clean rooms with state-of-the-art tools and machines, we guarantee safe working and precise results.
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The range of the np PERFORMANCE LINE + offers you further features and benefits. All items of the np PERFORMANCE LINE + are additionally subjected to a validated decontamination procedure. Our standard centrifuge tubes of the np PERFORMANCE LINE + are available in two more other qualities: premium surface as well as premium surface in np premium bio purity grade. Our np PERFORMANCE LINE + products are available for the highest standards. The np PERFORMANCE LINE + is characterized by its superior thermal conductivity thanks to uniform, ultra thin-walled tubes as well as centrifugation at the
highest level. Also try our np PERFORMANCE LINE + deep-well-plates. The + stands for premium surface.