We offer


We do a lot for a positive work experience and working atmosphere.

Our office is your second home.


 Ergonomic chairs and tables

Each employee is given his or her own workstation, which provides the best workplace conditions through modern and ergonomic furniture. For everyone, the table and chair are adjusted to the individually optimized height.


Standing workstations & standing meeting tables

Treat yourself to variety! We are ergonomically diverse! We offer a variety of ways to work or confer while standing as well. Too one-sided?

Then take advantage of our unique stand-sit work and meeting space with saddle seats and height-adjustable chairs, equipped with balancing motion mechanics.

You want to lie down? Use the relax room!


Relaxation room

Visit our relaxation room individually. A short rest or power nap can often work wonders. Not only during breaks, but also to briefly prepare for a presentation or for a one-on-one conversation. Our quiet room not only promotes relaxation, but also quickly contributes to a positive climate in your department.

A special highlight here is our so-called "rest pod". Equipped with headphones, a touch screen and sensory neurosonic technology, various programs can be set for relaxation, activation or regeneration. Trained staff can also help you with pain or sleep disorders.


Retreat areas

There are things you don't want to or can't do in your department.

You want to make an undisturbed phone call? You want to study or create important documents in peace? Alone, in pairs or in a group? No problem! We offer enough possibilities. Whether think tank or soundproofed group boxes as well as retreat offices. Everything is available and at everyone's disposal as needed.


Daylight and daylight illumination

We have 3 meter high full glazing in every office. This allows plenty of daylight to reach each workstation. Especially in winter, many people do not get enough light. The short round at lunchtime is not enough to produce sufficient vitamin D, which the body needs to ward off colds, among other things. Daylight lamps in the ceilings provide a remedy and a good mood. They make us awake and able to perform.


Air conditioning

Our modern offices are equipped with a ventilation system that ensures a pleasant indoor climate. An automatic venetian blind system protects against extreme sunlight and also supports the air conditioning system on particularly hot days in each office.

We are particularly proud of our air-to-water heat pump.


State-of-the-art technologies

We work with the most modern technologies. Our ERP & CRM system, as well as the production planning system and much more, is constantly being developed.

Since we are "up to date" in the IT field, it is our goal to stay that way.


Coffee & Coffee Lounge

Thanks to our modern coffee machine, you are only a push of a button away from freshly ground coffee. Of course, tea drinkers are also provided with a variety of teas.

Our cozy coffee lounge promotes communication among the staff and occasionally provides a pleasant setting for meetings.



We have a spacious kitchen where you can heat your lunch on hot plates, in the ovens, or the microwaves. Even the grill in the outdoor area is used with pleasure. The adjoining large dining table invites you to eat and linger together. The spacious kitchen is also available for team events, even after regular working hours.


Sun terrace

Directly next to the kitchen is a terrace with bistro tables and chairs.

The southern exposure makes this area a true relaxation area for all breaks.


Sun chairs

With little effort, the in-house sun chairs can be placed on our spacious green areas. Sometimes our meeting culture gets a breath of fresh air in places like this.


Drinks flat rate

All employees are provided with coffee, tea and table water in every imaginable variety. Whether the filtered water is chilled, still, lightly or strongly bubbly, or if you prefer it unchilled - here you can get as much as you like at the push of a button.



So that chocoholics get their money's worth, a snack box with various sweets is available in the kitchen.


Team events

Team and company events are important to us, so that a happy togetherness is also created away from the workplace. Examples? Summer barbecue parties, watching the World Cup & European Championship together, Christmas parties, etc.!


Parking spaces

Sufficient parking spaces are available for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters or other vehicles.


E-charging station

We have a charging station for our e-vehicles. At the same time, we enable charging of an electric vehicle for all employees, including for private travel.


Flexible working hours

Whether early risers or late risers - as far as possible, we will offer more flexible working hours from 2020 so that everyone can get down to business motivated and rested.


Family-friendly working hours

As far as possible, we offer very flexible working hours so that everyone can enjoy a better work-life balance.


Parent-child workroom

The room is equipped in a child-friendly and child-proof manner. It also provides the technical facilities for the parent to work. The large, friendly room is equipped with a variety of play utensils for different age groups. A refrigerator and microwave for food preparation are located in close proximity to the parent-child room. The arrangement of the room allows mom or dad to maintain eye contact with the child. We provides a travel crib, diaper changing facilities and a retreat option for nursing mothers if needed.



Dogs are tolerated in our office for accommodations, supplies, and emergencies.


Employee testimonials

Do you feel so comfortable with us that you would also like to recommend nerbe plus to your friends and relatives? You can benefit from this yourself: Some of our open vacancies come with a referral bonus.


Long-term employees

We are particularly proud of the fact that we have many employees who have been loyal to us for years. Our goal is to work with each employee on a long-term basis and to be successful together.


Training & Education

It is important to always be up to date. For this reason, we support our employees in expanding their know-how and in continuing their professional development.



You come by bike or want to freshen up after work? You can use our separate shower room at any time.


Private telephone calls

You urgently need to make an undisturbed private call? No problem! For this purpose, you are welcome to use your cell phone in our soundproof telephone box.